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Cecelia VanOrman

Cecelia VanOrman


Artistic Engineer, Pun Queen
BFA in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art
Oxbow • Burlington, VT // Pulp+Wire • Portland, ME

With an eye for detail and a creative hunger for history and research, Cecelia’s work spans all corners of the design world—from branding and packaging to web, animation, and beyond. She finds unexpected ways to take an idea from concept to completion, keeping details in mind to ensure the end result is picture perfect from ten thousand feet up. Before coming to Burlington, she spent eight years in Portland, ME honing her skills as a graphic designer and production artist, leading projects for Allagash Brewing, Grandy Oats, Casco Bay Butter, and RPI. 

When she’s not in front of a computer, you can find her somewhere outside — hiking, mountain biking, or running no matter the season. She has a black cat named Zoebe (three guesses how her name’s pronounced), loves to cook, and has a healthy obsession with typography.