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Lake Champlain Chocolates

Keeping It Fresh

We partner with Lake Champlain Chocolates on a variety of projects to keep the brand fresh and inspired—from limited edition chocolate bars to brand naming and advertising. Lake Champlain Chocolates has a strong reputation for creating the freshest, all-natural chocolates in Vermont. Seasonal shopping is important business for them. Our advertising builds on their exceptional product, heritage, and sense of humor—after all, it is chocolate. By creating ads that are fun, on target and simply “stand out” we’ve driven record-setting holiday traffic to their retail locations and the web.

SCOPE: brand strategy, print advertising, radio advertising, digital advertising, packaging design, copywriting


Grace on Fire Chocolate Bar Packaging
Let Chocolate Rock Your World
Grace Under Fire Detail Shot
Moka Fleck Logo Mark
Moka Fleck Pattern
LCC Bar 35
Passion in the Dark Chocolate Bar Packaging
Coco Con Brio Bar
Con Brio Bar
Pattern Design


LCC Moments Advertising Campaign
Print Advertising
Valentine's Day Print Advertising
Print Advertising