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Amtrak Vermont

Helping Amtrak Vermont restore the authentic and majestic feeling only found with train travel

The Vermont Agency of Transportation and the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing wanted to increase the number taking the train to and from Vermont. The insight during their Brand Focus Workshop was: it’s not about what you do when you get to Vermont. It’s about how you get there – the journey. Using the tagline Make the Most of Your Journey, we developed an emotional print and digital campaign along with a 10-clip video series promoting the excitement and adventure of train travel, showing moments of wonder, connection, and togetherness. The campaign successfully elevated the on-train experience to something special compared to traditional modes of transportation.

SCOPE: brand strategy, brand positioning, integrated campaign, print campaign, digital campaign, Google Ads, copywriting, video production, photography


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Family on Train
Older Couple on Train


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When you take the Amtrak train to Vermont, it’s different. It’s not remarkably faster. It’s not cheaper. At the same time, it’s not prohibitively slow or expensive by comparison. What makes it different is what happens when you go through the doors and take your seat. As you travel, something subtle, but profound, happens. It wakes up something inside us. Something that just wants quiet time, but also wants to explore. Sure, it’s not luxury travel, but there’s no other way to travel like it.


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