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Ben's Ultimate Protector Man on the Mountain

Ben’s Tick and Insect Repellent

Ben’s Insect Repellent is some of the strongest stuff out there. Made for outdoor enthusiasts and casual hikers alike, the DEET-based formula helps protect you from mosquitoes and ticks, unlike any other solution. We helped the brand assess where it’s positioned in the market and how they could carve out a specific spot in the market that would resonate with their core audience and attract a new audience to the Ben’s brand. We developed the Ultimate Protector concept and associated campaign ideas like point of sale, apparel/stickers, video, and guerrilla tactics. Finally, we worked with them to develop a core video introducing the character of Ben as the Ultimate Protector in a humorous take on being bugged in the backcountry.

SCOPE: Strategy, Brand Development, Video Concepting, Script Development, and Production


Ben and Sasquatch Around Fire Video
Ben with Bald Eagle
Sasquatch Informercial Video


Ben's Ultimate Protector Badge
Ben's Campaign Work